Privacy Statement


Just Bents Cycles Privacy Statement



This document outlines the undertakings by Just Bents Cycles in relation to its handling of personal information and data.




Just Bents Cycles means it is a reseller of recumbent bicycles and other related items and accessories.

Personal information and data means data that is capable of being associated with you.

Consent means information provided by you.


Personal Information and Data Collection


Just Bents Cycles undertakes to collect personal information and data by means that are:



By visiting Just Bents Cycles web-site, your web-browser reveals the following information: the date and time, the IP address, browser type and operating system, the URL of any page that referred you to the page, the URL you requested, and whether your request was successful to Just Bents Cycles web-server which is automatically logged. There also could be additional information that your web-browser provides which may also be logged. This could be in the case of 'cookies' and submits them each time you request a web-page within a particular domain. All this information may or may not be sufficient to identify you.


Just Bents Cycles may undertake to collect your information from you and not from other parties. This undertaking is as follows:



Just Bents Cycles undertakes to declare the reasons for collecting this information in a transparent manner.


Information Security


Just Bents Cycles undertakes to securely store personal information against unauthorised access.


Just Bents Cycles undertakes within its capacity to convey personal information in a method that ensures there is no unauthorised access by third parties.


Just Bents Cycles undertakes that all staff will adhere to this privacy statement.


Information Use


Just Bents Cycles undertakes to use personal information and data only after agreement between Just Bents Cycles and yourself and as required by relevant acts and laws.


Personal Information and Data Disclosure


Just Bents Cycles undertakes to disclose in relationship to only specific personal information in conducting business where necessary to ensure the business agreement agreed between the seller and the purchaser (with your consent) can be completed.  And where required and permitted by law.


In all cases, Just Bents Cycles undertakes to disclose only sufficient personal information as deemed necessary to complete its business obligations.


Retaining and Destroying Personal Information and Data


Just Bents Cycles undertakes only to retain personal information and data within the purposes of conducting its business and consistent for only those purposes.  And as required by law.


Access by You to Your Personal Data


Just Bents Cycles undertakes to provide open access to you in regards to your personal information and that access will only be provided when suitable identification has been verified.


In the event from your request that your information be deleted or altered, Just Bents Cycles will undertake within a reasonable time to complete your wishes.  Or as required by any act or law.  Certain information under acts or law may not be deleted due to been an unlawful act.  In the event of such an occurrence and on request Just Bents Cycles will provide details and the relevant reason.




Just Bents Cycles declares that it fulfils its obligations under the appropriate laws and acts within the States and Territories of Australia and international laws.

Privacy Statement