Privacy Statement


Just Bents Cycles are a reseller of imported recumbent bikes and other related items and accessories.  We are developing our warehouse stocks to reduce client waiting times.  As a new business this may take some time to achieve as at present there is very little known about what you as a client require.  Therefore our present stock is limited as we have made some educated assumptions at what models may sell quicker then others.  It is not unusual for stock to take up to 6 to 7 weeks to arrive in Western Australia.  Each recumbent is hand built and pre-assembled in Taiwan before being shipped to us.


What we are able to provide is a number of different types, configurations and component spec recumbents for you to try as this is what we believe lacks presently.  As we grow we expect this to change and we can then provide a greater warehouse stock than we presently have.


When we place an order for the particular bike you have selected we try to achieve exactly what you want.  There are sometimes factors out of our control especially if the manufacturer makes decisions we are unaware of until only when the bike arrives.  These changes can be a slight change in component specs for your particular recumbent or a colour that is unavailable.  If there is a slight change in components then it is normal for the new components to be of the same standard or better.  As you may be aware every year the bike component manufactures are developing better and better components to fit onto new bikes.  When a component a manufacture is using in the manufacturing of the recumbents runs out it is likely that the replacement component will be of similar level but it is even more likely to be of a better standard as new technology filters down the line.


We will work with you if this does happen but it has been our experience when components have changed it is more of a positive.  Colours are another issue and that is something we have no control over what so ever if your requested colour for what ever reason is unavailable.  When I purchased my first trike I though I was to receive it in black, when it arrived it came in the colour of red.  I just wanted the bike so I wasn’t really concerned what eventually the colour was.